Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Automotive related

A sampling of automotive photos I have taken over the past few years.Some older.Some newer.Cars,trucks,bikes and of course one lone Olds 403.Most people never get to see the "guts" of a vehicle,so I especially love the photos of the truck :)
I grew up around a garage where my G-pa worked on semis.So of course(being a Tom-boy) I found engines fascinating from a very young age.Now,as an adult I (of course) am in love with a mechanic.Automotive tho.We work on cars together.Go to car shows together.He even taught me to ride a bike!Who would have known that I would go from a happy little girl sitting on an engine block watching her G-pa work,to having some of those very same days with my daughter?! I love my life!!!

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