Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Hello all,my name is Lindy.I am a brand spankin new photographer here in Indianapolis.I've created this blog to get my name out into the world and of course to network.

Let me tell you a little about myself :)

  1. I am an "off beat" Mama

  2. A loyal girlfriend

  3. A very honest person

  4. A self-taught photographer

  5. A mechanic in training

  6. A lifelong friend

I have always loved taking pictures and just last Christmas received a camera that has allowed me to turn my hobby into a small business,of sorts.What I mean by this,is that I am VERY much still learning and doing photos for cheap to build my portfolio.
I am hoping that the blog world will help me connect with other photographers,models,hair&make-up artist,etc.

Being as I am self-taught,I am also hoping to learn a little while I'm here.Any comments are welcome.All I ask is that you not be rude,as I will not be to you! I know that I have got a long way to go before I can consider myself "professional",but in just under 5 months,I don't think I have done to bad.

So,now that you all know a bit about me,tell me about YOU! :D


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